New Sidesmen needed

New Sidesmen needed – Would you like to be a sidesman on Sunday mornings at either the 8am or 10am services? How we welcome people to the Church is very important and we would like your help with this essential role. Please contact Tina Ruygrok or Bill Cottle for more information.

Sunday teas – updated

The sign-up board is up and ready in the church hall. The Summer Music Season runs from May 5th to September 15th – 20 weeks in all. Many of you have been involved in the past and I hope you will be again. Those of you, who have not signed up before, please consider it – why not sign up with a partner, friend, colleague, or helpful child? I will be making further contact concerning the general organising and, of course, the necessary supply of cakes etc; but not until the second half of March. If you have any questions or suggestions, I am happy for you to contact me by email: – Thank you, Barbara

Holy Dusters

Holy Dusters – meet on Saturday mornings to keep our church looking bright and clean – however we need more people to join the team – we meet at 09.30 – do come along if you can help.

Youth Choir

For ages 7 - 18

Would you like to sing in the Youth Choir at St. Anne's ?
- If so, here are the answers to some of the questions you may have ...

Q : When does the choir meet for practice ?

A : On Thursday 5.30-6.30 during term time

Q : When does the youth choir sing at services ?

A : On the second Sunday of the month at the 10am Eucharist (but not in April or August) and on special occasions

Q : What would I have to do before I could sing in the youth choir ?

A : You would be invited to come to a Choir Practice to see what we do, and join in some of the singing if you feel like it

Q : Where do practices take place ?

A : In the church 

Q : Who directs the Youth Choir  ?

A : Mrs Marian Goodgame (tel : 020 8940 5022)

Q : Would there be an audition ?

A : Yes - an informal one (in private), to see whether you are ready to join the choir, or whether it would be wiser for you to wait until you are a little older

Q : How long would it be before I would be admitted to the choir ?

A : It usually takes a couple of months, depending on how long it takes you to learn new music and become familiar with the order of service