Parish Support Fund

Parish Support Fund – your PCC has pledged to give the Diocese £141,480 in 2019. Our pledge pays the costs of employing 1.8 Clergy. To find out more about the costs of running the Diocese and the good work that is happening do a YouTube search entering Parish Support Fund and Diocese of Southwark.

Christian Aid Week – updated

Thanks to two more contributions, the final amount raised for the Week is £3,592, £2,059 of this was Gift Aided, which is now over £300 more than last year. Very many thanks again to all those who contributed, and to collectors also. Isobel Moses.”

Works in and around the Church

You will be pleased to have noticed that our exterior perimeter wall is in the process of being restored, thanks to the generosity of both The Friends of St Anne’s and the residual funds from the Tercentenary Appeal. Starting this week, work on replacing our ancient Victorian church heating system will begin. In the first few weeks this entails removing the old boiler and replacing it with two new boilers. In July and August the cast iron heating pipes in the church will be removed and replaced by a modern equivalent. Inevitably there will be some disruption to our Sunday worship as parts of the church will need to be closed off, but it is our intention to keep this to a minimum. The replacement heating is being funded from our designated reserves for this type of project. Your PCC allocates £1500 a month towards work of this nature.


Zaytoun, products from Palestine. The next sale will be on Saturday June 23rd on the St Anne’s Stall at Kew Midsummer Fair. The next sale in the Church will be on Sunday July 8th after the 8am and 10am services.

The Queen’s School

The Queen’s School is available for community use. The Queen’s C of E School, Kew is pleased to confirm it is now available for community use. The new building is available for lettings including the 3G Astro pitch, classroom space and the large hall. The environment is ideal for sports clubs, music groups, academic organisations and those seeking both long term and one-off use. Pricing is competitive and all proceeds go directly into school programmes and improvements. (Please see our website,, for more details on costs and the letting policies.) If you have any questions and would like to learn more about hiring our facilities, please contact

Electoral Roll 2018

Electoral roll: Notice is given that the annual revision of the Electoral Roll will take place from 11th to 25th March. If your name is on the roll you need take no action. If you wish to be included on the roll there are forms at the back of the church with a box for completed forms.

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