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Church Opening – as at 24th June 2020

Church Opening (1) – our church is now open for private prayer on weekdays between 10.00 – 11.00.

Church Opening (2) – at the time of writing (24th June) it looks as if we will be back open for Sunday worship beginning on 5th July. However, it also looks like we will not be able to sing hymns and psalms so the service will be said with organ music and even this may change by next weekend!!! To begin with we will offer you one service at 10.00. Also, with the need for social distancing, we will need to restrict the numbers so sadly there is no guarantee that we will be able to accommodate everyone. Communion will be given in one kind and only by standing to receive. Further details may well be sent out via the weekly newsletter.

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Private Prayer in Church – 15th June 2020

In accordance with Government guidelines, from 15th June 2020 St.Anne’s will be open for private prayer as follows :

  • 10.00am to 11.00am

Please Note: It is important to observe notices and signs in church in respect of safe distancing and hygiene.

On entry, you will be asked to give your

  • Name
  • Email
  • Telephone number

In case of the need to track and trace you.

Please use the hand sanitiser and then you will be shown to a safely distanced seat at the rear of the nave where you may pray, reflect or just sit quietly, as you choose.

There are prayer cards should you wish to have one.

There are no toilet facilities available.

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Christian Aid – updated June 2020

Thanks to more donations, the final total raised during Christian Aid Week is now £3,450, which is only £80 less than last year. This is an amazing result considering the difficulties involved, and not being able to collect as we normally do. I am extremely grateful to all those who contributed to furthering the excellent work carried out by CA in developing countries, among the poorest of our neighbours. Very many thanks, Isobel Moses.


Due to events, we are obviously unable to collect from house to house this year. Christian Aid gained valuable experience to help prepare communities to limit the impact of Covid-19, by working on the ground during the earlier Ebola crisis.

If you would like to contribute this year, there are several ways to do this: via

Many thanks, Isobel Moses. (email:; 8940 6150).

Keeping in touch during this period of lock down and self-isolation.

Please do feel free to contact Fr. Nigel on either 020 8940 4616 or 07805757472 if you would like to have a chat…. about anything!! Also in addition to accessing our Sunday worship on Facebook you can join in several services and meetings by using Zoom. Currently Morning Prayer is said at 08.45 most mornings of the week, and also there is a weekly Bible Study at 11.00 on Wednesdays. On Friday mornings at 07.00 there is a meditation group. Junior Church is also using Zoom and YouTube. For access to any of these activities please email Fr. Nigel on

Recordings of our services March-April 2020

Recordings of our Services in 2020 available via the video section of our Facebook page :

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