Christmas Collection for ‘Welcare’

Welcare is a SW London & Surrey charity with Christian foundations. It is dedicated to one-to-one, practical and emotional support where needed by local families with children aged up to 13 years. Traditionally, it has been generously supported by our congregation. If you would like to help this Christmas, please buy plastic gift cards from Sainsbury’s, Tesco or Asda (a single, larger amount is preferred to smaller amounts on several cards) and pass them (in an envelope stating the value) to a sides-person, or Chris or Simon Child, or to Marie, Parish Administrator, by Monday 10th December. Thank you. Welcare also seeks volunteers for an hour or two of weekly child mentoring (8-13 years).

Christian Aid

Thanks to a late contribution, the final, revised, total for the Christian Aid Riverside Walk, on 29th September, is £1,695, raised by Christopher Stephens and myself. Thank you very much to all our sponsors, and those who helped on the day. Isobel Moses.

Asha Kiran visit 23rd September

Visitors Ravi and Shobha George from Asha Kiran – photo with Father Nigel (right) and Churchwarden Tina Ruygrok (left) following the Parish breakfast on Sunday 23rd September 2018. Some 40 members of the congregation attended the breakfast and presentation.

Message from Ravi

It was really encouraging to know and experience your support for us. Truly brothers and sisters in Christ in spite of being half way across the world. Praise God.

Holy Dusters

Holy Dusters – meet on Saturday mornings to keep our church looking bright and clean – however we need more people to join the team – we meet at 09.30 – do come along if you can help.

Pilgrim Course

Canon Nick Darby will be offering us the chance to participate in this course on Christian discipleship. You are invited to attend a taster evening at 18.30 on Sunday 2nd September in the Hall. This course is offered as part of our hope to engage with people under the age of 45.

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