Our Social Justice Forum

The Social Justice Forum was launched on 2 November 2015 as a three year project, complementary to the Ministry and Mission committee, to act as a locus of active concern for social justice at St Anne’s. By social justice, we understand how all that we have been given is from God and is shared between us (the social element), and how fair or unfair these shares are (the justice element). Inequality, wealth and poverty are the underlying issues of social justice and we are trying to discern what God is asking of us, the people of St Anne’s Kew, now in 2018, in relation to these issues. Since the launch, we have held seven meetings, all focusing on the issue of refugees as this was seen as a profound justice issue of our times. We have followed a Franciscan pattern in our meetings of study, prayer and planning for action. During this final year, we are thinking about Climate Justice.