St. Anne’s 300th Year in Pictures

A new book illustrating the life of St. Anne’s ChurchBook-2

 Photographer Bobby Anderson writes …

I started the project about two and a half years ago and during this time I took over 17,000 photographs and 97 have made the book.

The book covers this memorable year and captures the workings and events which surround St Anne’s, included in the book: Baptisms, Weddings, Music, Sunday Teas, Cricket, Building Work, Making of the New Font, The Queen’s School, Easter, Christmas and finishing off with the Bishop marking the culmination of the church’s Tercentenary year.

My favourite part of the project is without doubt the making of the new font. I travelled down to Portland five times. I was made very welcome by Graham Barber of Albion Stone and given the full guided tour of the quarry and workshop. They are a fantastic team who are full of pride and passion for the work they do and so happy not only to be involved in producing the font, but to actually have a record through photographs of this memorable event.

I met Sue Mason the designer of the font, in the workshop who was amazed by the size of the blade that was used to cut the stone and to see it come alive from her design.

I’m so happy at last to see the photographs finally be transformed into a book that captures this memorable year for St. Anne’s and feel privileged to be part of it.


A big thank you goes to Father Nigel and the PCC for having faith and trust in me to produce a book that records St. Anne’s 300th Year.



Available via the church office.  Also available via the RDA Photography website.