Climate Emergency Meeting

climate change delegates

A small group of parishioners from St Anne’s Church Kew met on Friday June 7th with their MP, Zac Goldsmith, to follow up a letter signed by over 100 constituents, expressing their concerns about climate change. The letter addressed climate change in the context of Brexit, air pollution and flooding.

We prepared for the meeting with the help of Jo Musker-Sherwood, director of the charity Hope for the Future, who came with us. Hope for the Future helps individuals and groups work with their MP on the issue of climate change.

Zac Goldsmith was clear that the impact on the natural environment of dependence on fossil fuels and consequential global warming constitutes an emergency. He personally is committed to doing all he can in Parliament to make this the political priority for our times. To this end, he is promoting pressure for action with like-minded MPs across all parties. He reminded us that an MP’s postbag reflects the concern that people have about a particular issue. So it is always worth while writing about climate change concerns to one’s MP.

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