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The Newsletter of St Anne’s Church, Kew

New issue out now!


Collect, the quarterly newsletter for St Anne’s Church, is available now. Pick up a copy at the back of the church, while copies last.

Collect is produced by volunteers and depends on the support of the entire St Anne’s community. If you enjoy the issue, please do support it by making a voluntary donation (suggested £2) towards the cost of its production. 

News features focus on the issues of the day that affect our community and highlight recent events and local achievements.

Prominent figures in church matters are introduced in ‘Profile’. The ‘My Faith’ column invites members of the congregation to discuss their faith and witness to us the changes in their lives along their  spiritual path. Whereas ‘Time and Talents’ gives us an insight into the tremendous abilities and efforts of those who volunteer to make St Anne’s and it’s activities throughout the year a success. 

We would like to hear from anyone with ideas for future news, interviews, features or opinions and particularly writers and photographers willing to help us create a vibrant and engaging publication – Speak to Father Nigel or email the editor, Caitlin Mackesy Davies.

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