Fr Nigel 2014

Farewell Album for Father Nigel

To mark Fr Nigel’s retirement in May we are planning to compile and give him a farewell album from us all in the St Anne’s community. This will be for Fr Nigel to take away with him, and the only other copy will be kept in the St Anne’s archive. We would like to include your favourite photos and written memories of Fr Nigel and his ministry at St Anne’s. These could be photos of particular St Anne’s occasions and events, such as a special service, retreat, or pilgrimage, and/or a couple of sentences describing your favourite memory of Fr Nigel’s ministry. If you would like to be a part of this album, firstly please send a brief summary of what you would like to contribute to Caroline c/o Please do not send us photos at this stage. We will then let you know how to get your contributions to us, as well as asking you to confirm your consent for them to be used in this special book. Please note that if you only have printed copies of your photos, we can take usable images from them, and we can arrange with you to do this. We look forward to hearing from you, and will try and include as many contributions as possible.

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