Forum guide

Welcome to the St. Anne’s Church forum. This should become a useful asset for the church staff and office holders to communicate news and views to the parish.

The forum is available to all to view and read and it is hoped that all will visit and read often but the ability to post, reply and comment is granted to church staff and office holders only.

Please forward any questions to Fr. Nigel or the web team.

Rarely but from time to time, the system may fail and the software will need re-installing. In these cases the posts and forums may be lost, so please keep a copy of any important submissions on your own computers so re-instatement is more of a breeze than a bore.

Certain posts may also be timed to disappear from the forum as events pass and so on. Anything you may wish to retain permanently should be either highlighted, copied (ctrl+C), pasted (ctrl+V) into a word document on your computer and saved, or requested from the author of the post.

Find “Forum Top” on the navigation bar above and click to start reading or choose from a category on the right. Some of the entries may look somewhat repetitive to start with but will become less so as more contributions are made.