How can we help refugees?

How can we help refugees? A brief guide
Overall the best way to help a newly arrived refugee is to befriend them. Many will have lost friends and family before arriving here. Rather than being ‘helped’, socialising can really help a refugee move on from what they’ve lost and rebuild their lives in their new country. (Refugee Action)
1. Prayer. You can pray at home, while travelling, at work, in a church, as you are walking along. You can find prayers in the Social Justice Forum handouts -on the St Anne’s web site, under Social Justice Forum.
2. Being informed. There is basic information in the Social Justice Forum handouts plus details of many relevant web sites.
3. Supporting St Anne’s pilot initiative. This is in association with a new charity called Breaking Barriers that aims to help refugees find meaningful employment that is commensurate with their skills, experience and qualifications. We can volunteer our skills experience and qualifications to this organisation to help the refugees referred to them. If you are at all interested in finding out more, please contact Sally Cannon.
4. Supporting Refugees Welcome in Richmond. This borough wide initiative aims to find private rented housing for 50 Syrian refugees coming to the UK under the Government’s Syrian Vulnerable Persons Relocation Scheme. Local contact: Elizabeth Byrne-Hill, 0208-940-1281
5. Teaching English, telephone 020 8255 6144 is local organisation. Volunteers receive training and need to make a weekly commitment for a minimum of one year.
6. Giving money. All charities, large and small, helping refugees here and abroad, welcome our support. Social Justice Forum handouts have details of many of these.

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