Junior Church 14th June

As always, it will be available from 9am on Sunday. Activity Sheet is inked here (opens in new tab).

Huge thanks this week to Seema and Fr Nick for their contributions, and a special mention to Tabitha and Jemima (and Bethan) for telling us all about Florence Nightingale.

If anyone else's family would like to tell us about a person they have been researching, do let me know. Next week's topic is Equality - that everyone is special to God.

Thank you to those of you who have kindly volunteered already to help either with producing something for Junior Church, or to help tidy the cupboard.
It's hugely appreciated.

I am attaching a plan for the next few weeks showing what is needed and the topics for each week.

If you could all offer to contribute one element, we could easily share it out between us. You will see that we only have 3 more videos to make, and afterwards all that is required is a simple activity sheet or idea.

Please also feel free to offer extra things that aren't on the plan eg a song.
If you can fill in what you might offer, please do that and return the plan back to me. Thank you so much!!

You may have seen that our KS2 Zoom group has made a video Letter for Creation. This has been received and highly appreciated by the Church of England's environment team.

If you haven't seen it, its available here:
I also have all the pieces of the quilt now, so watch this space to see the finished quilt!

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