Junior Church – Pentecost – 2020

Activity sheet for Pentecost (opens in new tab)

Many thanks to Molly for her Bible reading and to Eley and Sophie for their great explanation.
It really would be lovely to have some different people taking part – reading the Bible story (which I can send you), providing a song or a prayer, or sharing a favourite craft activity. You just need to film yourself and send me the video to include!
It would be great to make a collective Lord’s Prayer – if you can film yourself and/or your children saying the Lord’s Prayer slowly, I can edit it so that we see different people saying different lines. Please do send in your videos if you would like to take part. It would be a lovely symbol of us all praying together.
The activity sheet is also attached. This week we are making fire torches out of whatever you have at home. Do please share them!
Please keep bringing back your fabric pieces so we can start to sew up the quilt – we need all 36 for it to work!
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