Our congregation is: Christ Centred + Faithful + Inclusive + Outward Looking. As a witness to these guiding principles, we are glad to adopt this Declaration by the Bishop of Southwark, the Mayor of London and many faith leaders:
• “We pledge our determination as Londoners to ensure that this great city shall continue to be a place of welcome, generosity and equality, with respect for all.
• “We condemn and oppose prejudice and distrust and will work unceasingly for tolerance and the common good.
• “We abhor all examples of exclusion based on ethnic identity that mar relationships between neighbours of all ages, faiths and backgrounds.
• “We stand in solidarity with those in London who are mistreated or held in contempt because of who they are or where they have come from.
• “We affirm that our diversity is a source of strength and that we are committed to learning from one another.
• “We commit to living out this Declaration in our own life, in our teaching and preaching and in our community engagement.’
As members of St Anne’s Church, we are trying to fulfil this commitment now by:
• learning more, with open minds, about refugees, asylum seekers and migration generally;
• praying and reflecting on how God is calling us at this time to respond to these issues;
• joining with organisations that are working to help the people who are suffering through being refugees, asylum seekers and migrants, notably Breaking Barriers, CARAS (Community Action for Refugees and Asylum Seekers), Refugee Action Kingston and Refugees Welcome in Richmond;
• sharing what we are trying to do and why, with our family, friends and those whom we meet.

Please click HERE to participate in this Declaration and HERE to sign the original Declaration on the Diocesan web site.

After one year, 26 people had signed the declaration.

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