Saint Anne’s, Kew, Sunday Afternoon Concert Series: Summer 2021

Sunday Afternoon Concert Series: Summer 2021

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It is with pleasure and optimism that we announce our Sunday Afternoon Recital Series for Summer 2021 at Saint Anne’s church, which begins with a concert on Sunday 23 May 2021 with Chad Kelly and members of Eloquenza, celebrating the place of music in the ministry of Father Nigel Worn.

Throughout the summer, we will offer an eclectic musical programme to entertain, educate and delight our audience of regular concert-goers, visitors, families, tourists, school-children, and other adventurers.

In response to current conditions, we have revisited our health and safety policies, and revised and our hygiene, security and attendance procedures. (There is more information about this in our published season’s brochure and we would be happy to answer questions about these and any other related matters).

To guarantee entry to concerts, please register for attendance by writing to THE DIRECTOR OF MUSIC before your chosen concert date. It is our intention to reserve seating for an additional thirty concert-goers with arrival unplanned.

We look forward to welcoming you to Saint Anne’s.

The series brochure can be downloaded from the red button above.

We remain grateful to concert-goers for contributions to the retiring collections which go towards sustaining and developing the rich musical life of the community.

This year, we would ask that contributions are made with this link or through the parish office, with an indication that the donation is in favour of the music fund.

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