SOCIAL JUSTICE FORUM: a new initiative at St Anne’s.

mailto:dandcmcc@gmail.comThe first meeting of the new Social Justice Forum will take place on Saturday December 5th in the Hall, from 10am – 12 noon.

Our topic will be Refugees. We will pray, study and reflect on what action we might take.

Anyone is welcome who has concerns about social injustice and the resultant suffering of our fellow human beings, who feels a sense of helplessness and inadequacy in the face of this, but who feels that together we may identify more active responses – while being realistic about our limitations.

The idea of the Forum has sprung from Celebration300, a sense of thanksgiving for all that we share at St Anne’s, and an increase in the outward-looking mission of the church as shown by a series of café evenings, most recently on the new charities that are being supported and on credit unions.

Prayer will be fundamental, since we are trying to discern what God is asking of us, the people of St Anne’s Kew, now in 2015/2016 in relation to the great suffering and injustice of our world. Social justice refers to our society and our world (the social bit) and to how all that we have is shared between us and how fair or unfair these shares are (the justice bit). Inequality, and wealth and poverty, are the underlying topics.

The Forum is complementary to the Ministry and Mission committee, acting as a locus of active concern for social justice in our church. At this stage, we are proposing four meetings over the course of the Church’s year. At the end of three years, we will assess and review the work of the Forum. It is a venture in faith, hope and love and we will be finding our way together.

For further information, or any queries, please contact Claudine McCreadie

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