St Anne’s Lent Discussions 2021



With Canon Nick Darby

Series dates, times and topics

Sundays 6.30pm – 7.45pm via Zoom

      • Week 1: Sunday 21 February Do not be Afraid
      • Week 2: Sunday 28 February Calming the Storm
      • Week 3: Sunday 7 March Building Hope
      • Week 4: Sunday 14 March Hope Rooted in God
      • Week 5: Sunday 21 March Your Kingdom Come

Sessions will be conducted via Zoom
We encourage you to try to attend as regularly as you can
Participants will be sent one Zoom link to access all 5 weeks

Foreword by the Archbishop of Canterbury

I am delighted to commend to you Faith in the time of Coronavirus and am deeply grateful to the Anglican Alliance for creating this resource. In such extraordinary times, it is not only helpful but vital that we engage together with God’s Word. Firstly, it enables us to root ourselves in the truth of God’s utter faithfulness. We discover afresh that, in Christ, we are never abandoned but are held by God, who comes alongside us. Secondly, God’s Word calls us to action. In opening Scripture together, we are reminded that we are the body of Christ, with new opportunities to serve our communities and to witness very practically to Christ’s love. And thirdly, we are filled anew with authentic hope. We can live the present and look to the future knowing the sovereignty of God and His reconciling love. I pray that, through these encouraging Bible studies, we will find comfort, strength and inspiration from God's word, and be empowered by the Spirit to share that comfort and grace in these difficult days.

Archbishop Justin Welby, April 2020

Introduction to the Bible studies

A call to mission

At this time all parts of the Anglican Communion are affected in some way by the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. This set of Bible studies has been developed by the Anglican Alliance in consultation with a small group of biblical scholars, theologians and church leaders as a resource to help Christians reflect on their faith and scriptures in this troubling time of COVID-19. The Bible studies seek to create space for us to bring our hopes and fears before God and build resilience and trust. They allow us to lament all that brings sorrow and suffering and to reflect on how we can support those most impacted by this crisis. Above all, the Bible studies seek to help us to find hope, in reflecting on God’s presence and love, and how God shares our sorrow and suffering and brings assurance of new life.

All across the Communion, churches are shutting their buildings as public health measures are implemented to prevent the spread of COVID-19. But even if the building is closed, the Church is still there, present in the people, the living body of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is a time when God calls us into an ever deeper participation in God’s mission.

How churches are making a difference

Churches across the Communion are sharing their experiences on how they are responding to the impact of COVID-19. At this most difficult of times, we are, as churches, maintaining common worship even when we can’t gather. We are upholding a shared life of prayer. We are sustaining connections to encourage those living in isolation or lockdown. And we are continuing to serve the most vulnerable and marginalised in the communities while following public health guidelines. We have also learnt together from the wisdom and resilience of those parts of the Communion which have faced epidemics and other crises in the past. In the midst of the troubling headlines there is still good news of gospel hope to be heard.

Fith in the time of Coronavirus
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