Statement of intent in relation to climate justice

Statement of intent in relation to climate justice.

“We are a Christ-centred, faithful, outward looking, inclusive Church seeking not only to serve our local church but also to address, through the pursuit of Social Justice and Peace, the challenges that face the wider community”.  

(2020 Vision – A Mission Worth Living)

 The fifth mark of Mission of Southwark Diocese it ‘to strive to safeguard the integrity of creation and sustain and renew the life of the earth.’  The Diocesan Synod adopted a policy for ‘Taking Care of God’s creation’in 2013.  It begins as follows:

“We recognise the biblical vision that the environment, in which all humanity and all other creatures live:

  • comes to us as a gift from God the Father;
  • is held together in Christ the Redeemer;
  • and is given life by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

As part of this commitment, we at St Anne’s, Kew adopt the following statement of intent:

  • To make care for God’s creation an integral part of our worship, life and work;
  • To celebrate the gift of creation, especially at Creation Time (Sundays in September);
  • To review annually progress in reducing our carbon footprint;
  • To work where possible in cooperation with others in churches and civil society to strive for a more just and sustainable world;
  • To recognise the rights of all people including future generations, and to ensure the responsible use and sharing of the rich resources of God’s earth.

In pursuit of this, we propose the following areas as part of an action plan for future sustainable living by our Church:

  • Liturgy and teaching;
  • Buildings and churchyard;
  • Lifestyle

Agreed by St Anne’s PCC in 2018, drawing on Southwark Diocese, Taking care of God’s creation, 2013.

Our action plan includes the following:


  1. Celebration of Creation time in September and Harvest at Lammastide (1stAugust)
  2. Junior church includes work on Creation and caring for God’s earth
  3. An annual event/occasion – lecture, café evening, visit – on climate justice


  1. BREEAM assessment for sustainable building design
  2. Measurement of energy use
  3. Set energy use targets
  4. Calculation of carbon footprint
  5. Offset carbon footprint
  6. Use ‘green’ energy supplier eg Ecotricity; Bulb
  7. New boiler is ‘best’ for energy efficiency
  8. Use LED bulbs
  9. Floodlighting using LED bulbs
  10. Measurement of water use (install meter)
  11. Low volume toilet cisterns
  12. Investigation of solar panels on the church roof (cf St James’ Piccadilly)


  1. Visible notices about all the environmental measures that are used by the Church to conserve energy and to treat the environment gently
  2. Recycled paper, including toilet paper
  3. Environmentally friendly cleaning products
  4. No use of disposable plates, cutlery, tablecloths, cups etc
  5. Recycling of all paper, glass, tins etc
  6. Wherever possible, fair trade products are used e.g. tea, coffee, flowers, biscuits
  7. Church funds are ethically invested e.g. current account and/or investment
  8. Participate in Toilet Twinning:

Agreed by St Anne’s Church PCC in 2018.

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