ACE Awards, 2015

The Font, which formed part of the Celebrate300 works for St. Anne’s, is our proposed submission for the ACE Awards, 2015:


The ACE Awards are designed to celebrate the successes and diversity of architectural and artistic projects in religious buildings throughout Britain and its award for a book which explores the dialogue between the visual arts and religion.

Sue Mason writes :

The River of Life flows from the Throne of God depicted in the Christ in Glory circular window in the chancel, down the nave around the font and out of the West door. This is illustrated by the flow of people down the aisle, dividing to pass the font (a creative disturbance) and coming together again to go out into the world. These individuals are transient, changing, but forever renewed and flowing like the River, in contrast to the font, and to the Church which is eternal.

(Photo: ⓒ RDA PHOTOGRAPHY, 2015)

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